Growing in the Garden - I

Welcome to Garden!

Whether we just met or you've been following me for while, you know that I'm obsessed with plants. Trees are my first love, but I have grown to love all forms of life and have a deep desire to see all of earth's inhabitants thrive. 

At the current moment, I have a two garden spaces.

1.  An indoor garden at my home filled with 100+ houseplants and ranging from the popular Monstera, to the common pathos, desert cacti, and many species of ivy. This is my potting studio, a plant hospital, and my botany lab. 

2. I am a member of my local community garden where I have two raised beds and 12ft space on the interior perimeter. These plots receive full sun, so I use them grow my vegetables, herbs, and a variety of flowers. It's also nice to be able to socialize with fellow gardeners, share information, and seedlings. 

This is my first summer back in full grow mode and I can't wait to share our success, lessons, and adventures along the way!