Avocado Tree
Avocado Tree

Avocado Tree

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Common Name: Avocado Tree



Scientific Name: Persea americana

This well-known fruit tree is native to Southern Mexico and can grow up to 80ft tall outdoors, but as an indoor plant. With the right conditions (and time) your avocado can grow into a beautiful tree with dark green, oval-pointed leaves that will eventually bear fruit.

Care Tips

Light: Full Sun.

Water: When top 1in of soil is dry.

            Indoor: 5-7 days

            Outdoor: 3-5 days 

Use the finger method or a moisture meter to test the soil, as various pots/top dressings, as well as placement in your space will determine how often it needs to be watered.

Temperature: 65°-85°, overwinter indoors

Humidity: Average.

Fertilize: Every month.

Repot: Every 2 years or if the roots are growing out of drainage holes.


Plants are blessed and come with a crystal to help it grow with good energy.

Crystal: Tree Agate

Benefits: Connections to Nature, Calming, Grounding, Inner Stability, Heart chakra.

Care: Set in Sunlight to cleanse and Moonlight to charge.


Plants come with a care card!