Galaxy False Aralia
Galaxy False Aralia

Galaxy False Aralia

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Common Name: Galaxy False Aralia

Scientific Name: Dizygotheca elegantissima

This tree is native to temperate forests of New Caledonia (think islands off the coast of Australia.) It has dark green, lacey leaves that grow in groups of three and can reach heights of 6ft. This is a plant for a more experienced plant parent as they don’t like to be moved and require high humidity.

Pot Type: Terracotta with matching saucer.

Care Tips

Light: Bright, indirect light. No direct sun.

Water: When top 1” of soil is dry.

            Indoor: 7 - 10 days

            Outdoor: 5 -7 days

Use the finger method or a moisture meter to test the soil, as various pots/top dressings, as well as placement in your space will determine how often it needs to be watered.

Temperature: 65°-85°, Overwinter indoors

Humidity: High. Humidifier, pebble tray, or regularly mist in dry conditions.

Fertilize: Every a month.

Repot: Every 2 years or if you see the roots growing out of the drainage holes.


Plants are blessed and come with a crystal to help it grow with good energy.

Crystal: Tree Agate

Benefits: Connections to Nature, Calming, Grounding, Inner Stability, Heart chakra.

Care: Set in Sunlight to cleanse and Moonlight to charge.


Plants come with a care card!