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Common Name: Monstera

Scientific Name: Monstera Deliciosa

A fast growing tropical vine native to South America with large green leaves that feature fenestrations (leaf holes) on thick stems. These popular plants are easy to care for and can grow into beautifully large specimens. 

Care Tips

Light: Bright, Indirect light.

Water: When top 2” of soil is dry.           

            Indoor: 7-10 days

            Outdoor: 5-7 days

Use the finger method or a moisture meter to test the soil, as various pots/top dressings, as well as placement in your space will determine how often it needs to be watered.

Temperature: 65°-85°, overwinter indoors

Humidity: Average-High. Add humidifier, pebble tray, or mist regularly during dry periods.

Fertilize: Every month in the spring/summer or during heavy growing periods.

Repot: Every 2 years or if the roots are growing out of drainage holes.



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