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Neem - Oil Infusion

Neem - Oil Infusion

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Scientific Name: Azadirachta indica 


  • Oil - Natural Pesticide for plants 
  • Oil - Antifeedant, Pest Repellent, Egg-Laying Deterrent
  • Oil - Fight Lice
  • Oil - Dandruff, Athletes Foot, Psoriasis
  • Oil - Fights Acne & Other Skin diseases
  • Oil - Accelerate Wound Healing
  • Bark - Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease , Tooth Decay  


  • High in Fatty Aids 
  • Antioxidants, Antibacterial, Antifungal 
  • Breaks down quickly in UV Light - Reapply regularly 


  • Do Not Ingest
  • Long Term Contraceptive in Men


Type: Evergreen Tree

Light/Soil: Full Sun; Deep, Draining, Sandy Soil 


Grow: Drought Resistant


Preserve: Dry, Oil Infusions

Character: Bitter

Constituents: Liminoids, Glycerides, Polyphenols, Nimbolide, Triterpenes, Beta-sitosterol


- Disclaimer -

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Do not use herbal products of any kind if you are nursing, pregnant, taking medications or undergoing treatment for any medical condition without first consulting your health care professional.

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