Meet Your Herbalist


Q: How do I use elixirs?

A: Each elixir has a unique purpose, but can be used in a multitude of ways. Generally, you want to put elixirs on clean, damp skin and hair as a daily moisturizer, protectant, and cleanser.

See the "how to use" section for each elixir for various methods of use. 


Q: Who can use elixirs?

A: Oil is for everybody. Dark skin, fair skin,  aging skin, infant skin, broken skin, healthy skin. Face. Scalp. Curly hair. Straight hair. The right oils will bring elasticity, shine, and clarity to the body.


Q: I have oily skin, will this make me more oily or breakout?

A: No. Our elixirs help balance oil production by restoring the natural lipid barrier. Our serum elixir is specifically a non-comedogenic oil and best suited for sensitive skin types. 


Q: How does oil work as a cleanser?

A: Oils are natural cleansers. They break down other oils, lift dead skin cells, and other debris from the skin.  We often equate oil moisturizing for curly hair to dry shampoo for straight hair. (Think oil pulling for oral health and WD-40 for machinery.) 


Q: Can I use elixirs on infants or small children?

A: Yes! Our elixirs are 100% pure natural oils, no preservatives, additives, or artificial fragrances. They are perfect for young sensitive skin.


Q: I have extremely sensitive or have an allergy to specific ingredients, do you make custom blends?

A: Yes. We love making custom blends for our customers. Reach out with your specific needs and we can create special blends for yourself or a friend. 

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