Meet Your Herbalist

Ena of Enazi

Herbalist. Researcher. Master Gardener. Forager. Mother. 

Ena has studied plants, the human body, and their relationship for over 20 years to create medicine from Mother Nature for us. 

Growing and tending plants in her garden, spending time in forests and fields year-round to find and time wild herbs, Ena maintains her physical and spiritual connection to Mother Nature. 

Years of scientific research -  reading and studying anatomy, psychology,  botany, disease, and western medicine - she has dedicated herself to acquiring vast amounts of information on how our bodies operate through sickness and health to best serve in its healing and maintenance. 

Ena's love for nature and the desire to bring healing and balance to the body allows her to create natural medicine. 

The knowledge she has acquired over the years allows her to offer in-depth wellness consultations in order to identify sources of injury or disease and recommend pathways to healing through the use of herbs and lifestyle adaptations. 

Growing, Processing, Creating