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Enazi's Elixirs

Cleansing Powder

Cleansing Powder

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All natural, multi-use cleanser for home and body. 


Floral: Baking Soda, Sweet Orange Ess. Oil, Bergamot Ess. Oil, and Neroli Ess. Oil.

Sage: Baking Soda, Ground Sage, Tea Tree Ess. Oil, Sandlewood Ess. Oil, Rosemary Ess. Oil. 

Common Uses: 

1. Toothpaste - Dip toothbrush in powder and brush for a clean mouth and long lasting fresh breath.

2. Deodorant - Add a light coating to underarms for long-lasting deodorizing. 

3. Dry Shampoo - Dip fingertips and rub onto scalp or body to absorb oil & sweat, kill bacteria, and for general freshness. 

4. Bath Powder - Sprinkle a generous amount to bath water for cleansing and relaxation.

5. Laundry Freshener - Add a sprinkle to drying laundry to kill any lingering orders and to maintain lasting freshness in clothes and closet. 

6. Carpet & Mattress Cleaner - Sprinkle on floors and mattresses, rub into fabric/fibers, vacuum.

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