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Pine - Oil Infusion

Pine - Oil Infusion

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Scientific Name: Pinus taeda

Uses - 
  • Oil - Accelerate wound healing, burns, sores, boils
  • Oil- Spot treatment for acne and dandruff 
  • Oil - Soothe skin inflammation in dry skin, restore natural barrier
  • Tea – Expectorant to clear phlegm, coughs
  • Tea – Source of Vitamin C, tissue repair, cold/flu
  • Tea – Mild diuretic for kidney function, reduce fat accumulation, reduce blood pressure
  • Vinegar - Cooking vinegar, warmed and used as a cold/flu remedy
  • Vinegar - Household cleaner, Diluted 1:2 


  • High levels of antioxidants, its anti-aging and reduces inflammation internal and externally.
  • Antibacterial, Antiviral, and an Astringent


  • Do not use internally if pregnant, may cause miscarriage or low birth weight
  • Asthma and bronchitis - Avoid pollen/handling plant matter 


Native - Southern North America 

Type - Evergreen tree

Light/Soil - Full Sun. Slightly acidic, sandy, loamy, well-draining soil

Propagate - Seed

Grow - Drought tolerant 

Harvest - Needles and bark year-round, preferably from fallen branches

Preserve - Oil and/or Vinegar


Constituents - Vitamin C, Pinene, Limonene, Polyphenols 

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