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Enazi Crystals

Petrified Wood - Tumbled

Petrified Wood - Tumbled

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Name: Petrified Wood

Chakra: Root. Third Eye.

Zodiac: Leo

Planet: Neptune

Element: Earth. Sun.

Number: 5

Spiritual Benefits: Transformations. High Vibrations into Earth. Ancient Wisdom. Finding a Mentor. Soul Support. Worry Less. Accept Things You Can’t Change. Stabilizing Environment. Old Buildings with Structural Issues. Longevity. Calmness. Pacing.

Physical Benefits: Immune System. Joints. Muscles. Bones. Feet. Back. Nervous System. Lungs. Aging Process. Diseases of Old Age. Disintegration. Calcification. Obesity. Disturbed Sleep Patterns. Ancestral DNA Defects. Chronic Fatigue. Genetic Disorders. Strengthens Backbone. 

Cleanse: Clear in Sunlight. Charge in Moonlight.

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