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Enazi Crystals

Tigers Eye - Tumbled

Tigers Eye - Tumbled

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Name: Tiger’s Eye

Chakra: Third Eye, Sacral, Root

Zodiac: Leo, Capricorn

Planet: Sun, Mercury

Element: Fire, Earth

Number: 4

Spiritual Benefits: Protective. Perception. High Vibrational State. Internal Conflict. Pride. Willfulness. Emotional Balance. Addictive Personality Making Changes. Recognizing Other Peoples Needs. Heals Mental Disease. Self-Worth. Self-Criticism. Blocked Creativity. Spacey or Uncommitted. Power. Courage. Primal Instincts. Inner Strength. Accepting All Forms of Oneself. Amplifier.

Physical Benefits: Fatigue. Throat. Depression. Reproductive Organs. Broken Bones.

Cleanse: Bury in Earth. Clear in Sunlight. Charge in Moonlight. Warm Water. 

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